Virtual Training

Train Simulator

Flight Simulator

We provide combat simulators designed for research, training and evaluation.
We design, produced and install a complete hardware solution – including computer systems, communications, virtual instrumentation, force feedback, head tracker, head mounted displays, etc


The Omnideck is the missing link between simulation and reality enabling soldiers and operators to train various mission tasks such as reconnaissance, tactical behavior, etc., in a virtual world. The Omnideck takes the VR immersion factor to the next level by allowing the user to walk and move freely in any virtual world. The Omnideck is a 360 degree treadmill using sophisticated algorithms to move the user in any direction on a motor driven surface. No training required just take a step in the digital world creating a new experience in a safe environment.

Virtual Indoor Trainer

Our virtual training systems train soldiers to fight in specific, challenging settings with the touch of a button. With our virtual training products it is not only a knowledge transmission but also principally a skills transmission. It is easier and quicker for the learners to acquire new professional skills before going into a mission.

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