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Pop Up Goliat

Train your judgement, speed and accuracy with the Goliat reactive steel target system.

The Goliat is a reactive target that presents 1 or 2 steel target plates from behind a cover. The target plates and cover can be of any color and shape to set up the correct scenario for the shooter, one color/shape can be set friendly and another color/shape can be hostile. Depending on which target plate is presented, the shooter must decide if to engage or not and make an accurate shot to the steel target plate before it disappears behind cover again. Each time the target plate slides back to the down position, it is reset for the next shot.

Due to the system flexibility of setting exposure time, offset the targets plates and other neat features you can set up any number of scenarios to increase difficulty and also possibility to displace the target plates to the sides. The Goliat has the capability to link several Goliat systems together to be controlled in parallel from one controller source making each target unique and run different scenarios.


The Goliat target helps the shooter to train 3 key aspects in an armed conflict:

Threat analysis and Judgment
Making the correct threat analysis and take the split second decision if to engage or not is one key element of armed training, the Iron Head was designed for this purpose. The system presents 1 or 2 steel targets plates of any color and shape from behind the cover; the shooter must take the decision on what action to perform depending on the target presented. You can decide which shape and color is friendly and which one is hostile to force the shooter to think before engaging.

The exposure time of the target plates can be set making the Iron Head perfect for speed training and letting the trainee advance at the correct pace and perfecting the steps into one fluid movement, making every movement deliberate and perfect.

In an armed conflict a missed shot leads to several problems and one way to increase your hit rate is to train your accuracy on the Goliat steel target system that forces the shooter to train shoot placement by training gun sight focus, trigger pressure and follow through to teach muscle memory on accurate shots


Who is it for?
It is for any shooter who is interested to train and perfect key elements such as judgment, speed and accuracy in an armed conflict. The Goliat is developed for and used by military and police to simulate create shoot/no-shoot scenarios, run active shooter drills, hostage scenarios and for sniper training.

Our target systems uses our innovative  training software to set up the correct scenario for the shooter(s). For additional information regarding control and features please our separate control datasheet.

Pop Up Target 2015

Our Target 2015 is a user friendly, reliable, high speed, tactical, pop up target system.

The Target 2015 is designed for and used by military and police around the world due to its cost effectiveness, compact dimensions and light weight. The design features makes the system very easy to move around the training area for relocations and existing in-field expansions. The clean design makes system robust, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Target 2015 has a rich feature set to cover the spectrum of needs from the enthusiast to the professional user, some examples are target grouping, hit count, hit detection, setting exposure time, scenario building, if-conditions, etc. The target system has plug n’ play connectivity and as with all our target systems the Target 2015 can be controlled in several ways, from simplest up/down command via a remote to advanced range controller and scenario building software that lets the user build complicated scenarios.

The Target 2015 is a self-contained system with a built in battery with the option to connect to an external battery system/power source. The Target 2015 can also be integrated to our moving range targets and our Light Mobile Moving Ground System (LIMO), please see separate datasheets for more information on our moving range targets and the LIMO.

As for all our products we offer in country support and maintenance for professional and government users.


Pop Up Target 2010

Exclusively used by Swedish Armed Forces.

Combi Target

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