Parcom 400

Parcom 400

Good audibility
PARCOM is a reception intercom system, which is designed to provide a conversation audibility that is experienced by the customer as if the glass panel between customer and receptionist was not there at all. The sound from the speakers is excellent and can be easily understood even by people with impaired hearing. Use of the PARCOM system makes talking slots or holes in the glass panel obsolete.

Elegant design – Easy to install
PARCOM is delivered as a kit complete with power unit and installation cables. A loudspeaker and a microphone are placed on the outside of the glass panel. The clerk’s unit is placed on the counter on the inside of the glass and connected to a standard connector mounted below the counter. Complete installation instructions are included in the kit. The best results of an installation are obtained if the PARCOM system is integrated in the counter design at an early stage.

Converse naturally – No talk switch
The main advantage of using the PARCOM system is that the system works much like any telephone system, i.e. it provides a natural two way conversation channel that without any extra talk switches or foot-pedals. The system automatically goes on stand-by after approximately 5 seconds of silence. It is automatically enabled again as soon as the microphones detect a new conversation.

System overview
On the clerk’s side, the PARCOM may consist of an integrated operator’s panel that is available both in a tabletop and wall mounted version, or separate units integrated in the counter.

The equipment on the visitor’s side consists of a loudspeaker unit and a microphone. Experience shows that it usually is better to separate the speaker from the microphone on the visitor’s side since it affect the overall audibility in a positive way.

The PARCOM system features a single two-channel amplifier for a full duplex conversation channel, i.e. both the clerk and the visitor can talk simultaneously without any need for switching. The amplifier is protected from very loud signals, i.e. when someone talks too close or too loudly into either microphone. The amplifier is integrated into the operator’s panel and requires no separate installation. Sound levels are factory adjusted in the system on delivery, and normally no additional adjustments are required during or after installation. By it’s wide choice of components PARCOM may be configured for indoor and outdoor use and maintaining full function and good audibility even in noisy environments. The PARCOM system is powered from a single AC 230V power outlet and it is normally connected through a standard AC connector.

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