Live Training

Turret Trainer

Full turret crew trainers, our simulator is an advanced turret trainer for commander, loader and gunner. Gunner and commander has a fully equipped simulator environment while the loader practices by an automatic loading-trainer device.

W5 solutions systems completely emulates the characteristics of an original unit and is ready for interfacing to the simulation host. The instructor is able to introduce various force fault conditions to increase the mission realism.

Loading Trainers

For a crewman loader in a combat situation it is all about stress, communication and skill in the ammunition handling. Repetitive training is a necessity in order to maintain and develop a high degree of ability. Our turret trainers can be adapted to various types of weapon systems used in combat vehicles and artillery. The turret trainers is constructed using exact replicas or actual parts of the live weapons system in order to provide high degree of realism. The turret trainers simulates both recoil, ejection and separation of ammunition.

RBS 70 Simulator

W5 Solutions provide hardware platforms for anti-aircraft missile systems simulators: Intelligent simulator hardware platforms for anti-aircraft missile systems.

An example of a tailor made system solution are: The RBS 70 simulator. It is developed for the original RBS 70 system and completely adapted to realistic environmental conditions. All ready for download of simulation software. The system is designed and delivered according to customer requirements and specifications for two main user modes: stand-alone mode and for integration in various systems.


Being trapped in a vehicle in combat or excise situation can be life threatening. Training in the Vehicle Egress Trainer, VET, prepares the troops handle dangerous situations when egressing the vehicle. The learning curve in the VET is very steep and after a limited amount of training, great effect is achieved.

The VET is a modular training simulator consisting of a vehicle replica, a lifting-rotating system and an instructor operator station, IOS. The vehicle cabin is mounted on the lifting rotating device which has a quick lock system to ensure quick interchange of cabins.

The cabin is fully instrumented in order to record all activities and orders happening in the cabin during the exercise. From the IOS, the instructor manages and supervises the scenarios. From the IOS, doors and hatches can be blocked, the cabin “rolled over” in any angle and all communication and video is recorded for the after-action review.


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