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Harris SPR battery charger

The W5 Solutions battery adaptor is placed between the radio and the battery.
Through this solution, the adaptor can have the following attributes:

Battery-extension cable

At low temperatures the battery loses capacity due the li-ion chemistry properties.

For best range the radio should be worn outside the soldiers clothing.

The battery extension cable makes it possible to keep the battery under the clothing thus keep the battery temperature ideal.


The booster is an in-line charger device fits between the radio and the battery and with external power keeps the battery fully charged. It enables charging without removing the battery from the radio. Losing communication during radio start-up sequence.

The booster charger can be suppled from external power sources between 4, 2 to 32 Vdc, i.e. External battery, vehicle power or generator giving power within given limits.


 Portable Battery-charger Dual

This charger enables charging of 1-2 batteries simultaneously, Small form factor, 2 m extension cable. Required input 12-32 Vdc. Under cold conditions (below 0° C) the charger should be kept under the operators clothing. Otherwise the charger can be located wherever convenient. Indicators show actual charging status and also low temperature. Charging does not start until battery cell temperature reaches a safe level.


DC/DC Makes the SPR battery work as a versatile power-supply for other devices equipment the converter fits on the battery, the converter delivers 5, 9 or 12Vdc 10W


Battery Charger

Battery-charger Quad

A rugged charger capable to charge 1-4 cells. Connect to power source 12-32 Vdc, vehicle, Generator or battery. Design enables versatile mounting options: Stand alone on the ground, in a vehicle with the base plate (optional) or strapped to a motorbike snowmobile etc. Separate battery status indicator. If the cell temp is below safe charging the cell will be heated by the charger until safe temperature is reached.

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