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Light Weight De-Icer

Our light de-icing equipment is a thermally insulated and electrically heated sprayer unit. The unit is the perfect solution for uncomplicated de-icing of military aircrafts and helicopters but also general aviation aircrafts and small jets.

This unit can contain up to 10 litres of de-icing fluid, has a total empty weight of approximately 14 kg and can easily be moved around due to the rubber wheels and handle. Completely built of stainless steel to withstand the harshest conditions.

A heating element with built-in thermostat and thermometer ensures the fast and safe heating of the de-icing fluid. A double walled insulated container, guarantees a minimal temperature drop of the preheated fluid.

Ground Power Units

W5 Solutions offers a range of modular and lightweight Power Units. Our power units are used for Ground Power Unit (GPU) and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) applications. Our power units offer the best power-to-weight ratio available on the market. Thanks to the low weight and compact size they are optimal for rotary wing aircrafts and other vehicles where space and weight capacity is limited.

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